15 Important Life Lessons From Kim Kardashian, In GIFs

Kim K's Boobs
Kim's boobs were on full display on Paris.
Kim & Kanye 2013 Met Ball
The famous couple goes floral at the 2013 Met Ball.
Kim K On Shoes
Kim Kardashian Talks Shoes
Another year, another Kim Kardashian birthday. The reality star turns 33-years-old today and what better way to celebrate Kim than with 15 of her most important life lessons–in GIFs! Because as we all know, Kim is a whiz at life. And lessons.

Check out the GIFs below! Happy birthday Ms. Kardashian. Hope it’s a fun one. 

1. As per Kim Kardashian’s example, it is important to maintain decorum when being flung into the ocean. 


2. Food is an OK thing to be addicted to. Liz Lemon agrees with this life lesson as well. 


3. Always remember to show excitement, but do so in a way that allows your hair to flow in the wind. 


4. You can have no idea what you’re doing and still become a millionaire. 


5. It’s important to keep your priorities in order. 


6. When in doubt always remember “class” and “ass”. 


7. They don’t actually want to be your friend if they want free things from you. (This is actually a really good lesson. Thanks, Kim.)


8. If you can’t make your hair flow, make a scary face when excited. 


9. Don’t be afraid to tell someone they’re a dick. 


10. It is important not to be fucking rude, or someone will hit you with a purse. 


11. Listen ladies and gentleman, one does not text other whores when one is already dating another person. That’s just common sense people. 


12. It’s OK to play tricks on children because children are cute. 


13. Always remember to work out with just the right amount of cleavage. 


14. It is rude to laugh at someone when they’re crying. No matter how funny their cry face is. 


15. And last, but certainly not least, when all else fails drink wine. Lots of it.