15 Gifs Celebrating Tyler Posey’s Birthday & His Smile

Tyler Posey Shirtless
Tyler Posey plays in concert while shirtless!
Dearest, darlingest Tyler Posey. Happy birthday.

The Teen Wolf start celebrates his 22nd birthday today, and what a lovely 22 years it has been since he graced us with his presence. Also, I had no idea he was 22. I thought he was older than me. Well, I guess not. Must be the beard.

Any hoo, in honor of Tyler and his hotness, we’re celebrating his birthday with 15 GIFs that focus on one of his sexiest assets: his smile. Have you seen his smile? It’s perfect. Check out the GIFs after the jump! Happy birthday, Tyler! 

1. We’ll start of with this. See the perfection?


2. Even without teeth it’s adorable. 


3. And it doesn’t have to be very big. This smirk is sweet too. 


4. But you know, a big laughing smile is good too. 


5. Smile to shock? Yes please. 


6. Oh but just the normal smile is touching my soul. 


7. His “I love her” smile? Want!


8. This is like a mischievous smile. A perfect mischievous smile. 


9. Oh look, tiny Tyler. Even his smile his cute. 


10. Also, we needed a “I can’t believe you just squeezed my nipple” smile. 


11. Even Tyler thought that was funny. 


12. Obviously this shy smile is cute, but also that chest!


13. Ladies and gents, Tyler knows he’s got it good. 


14. And just for good measure, shirtless Tyler smiling and dancing. 


15. No Tyler, you are perfect. And so is your smile.