15 Craziest Lady Gaga Outfits Perfect For Halloween [PHOTOS]

Lady Gaga And BF Skinny Dip
The singer and her beau Taylor Kinney in the water.
With Halloween just around the corner, it’s safe to assume that many of you are still unsure of what to wear. Do I go slutty? Do I go conservative? Superhero? Movie star? Bacon? So many options! And just to make it even more difficult for you guys, here are some of Lady Gaga’s craziest outfits that would be perfect for Halloween!

Lady Gaga is as well known for her flamboyent costumes as for her catchy tunes, so she makes a perfect Halloween costume candidate. Sure a lot of these require some work, but if you’ve got some time you could be the talk of the office Halloween party!

We’ve even put some helpful costume making tips to go with each picture. Please keep in mind, these are just tips. Honestly though, most of Gaga’s outfits can be recreated with a trip to the lingerie store and whole lot of fabric! Launch the gallery to check out some of her best outfits for Halloween and tell us if you think any of them will work for you in the comments!