15 Celebrity Couples Who Couldn’t Make It Work For Another Valentine’s Day [PHOTOS]

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Hey everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the one day a year when it’s acceptable to be overly PDAie and tell everyone in the world you love them, so take advantage of it! As we know, celebrities love Valentine’s Day! OK, so we don’t know if this is a fact, but you’ve got to assume they do. Especially when they get to spend Valentine’s Day with their wonderful celebrity significant others.

Sadly though friends, not all celebrity couples live to celebrate another Valentine’s Day together. For every Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward who spent 50 of them together, there’s a Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama who only spent 4 months together. So, what to do with all of these failed celebrity romances? 

Why, make a gallery of some of our favorite and most random couples as a Valentine’s Day treat! Sure we’ve got your usual failed relationships like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston or the latest addition of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but there’s also a few surprises. Did you know that Edward Norton and Courtney Lovetotally date in the 90s and were even engaged!

Launch the gallery to check out 15 celebrity couples that just couldn’t make it work. Did your favorite failed couple make the cut? Also, is it possible to have a favorite failed couple? Sound off in the comments!