15 Celebrities Who Were Having An Off Day

Although we want them to always look fantastic, the truth of the matter is that sometimes celebrities even have bad days. Generally they then look bad bumbling around like a drunken fool–seriously, drunk celebrities on St. Patrick’s Day is the best! Obviously they can’t please all the people all the time and sometimes look bad.

PHOTOS: Snapshots of Sauced Stars- Looking & Feeling Wasted

Launch the gallery to take a look at 15 celebrities caught having a bad day. Seriously, some of them look fantastic as they wander arond all tipsy. Look at Brad Pitt. Sure he’s probably had more stuff to drink than a pirate, but he looks happy. Not really. Just go with it. Check out the gallery for more drunken celeb pics from Matthew McConaughey to Prince Harry and Mischa Barton It’s all quite good.