14 Team Competition Movies We Love [PHOTOS]

Music From The Movie
Interested in hearing what songs will be in Pitch Perfect?
Something about movies centered around competition makes the whole watching experience more enjoyable. Is it the adrenaline rush of hoping your favorite team wins, or just watching them demonstrate their talents? Fans of musicals clearly enjoy watching actors singing and dancing and that’s why they tune in.

In most competition movies, we know that the underdog is the one who will come up on top. In the first Bring it On, we learned that the main team didn’t win first place, it was their rivals who dominated.

Many movies start off with characters working independently and then teaming up with others to achieve a specific goal. The Tournament is a good example of this. Kelly Hu’s character is supposed to be working alone to assassinate other assassins like her. She ends up assisting a priest who is thrown into the cat and mouse game. In this movie, you need to kill or be killed.

Many other movies begin with a team, or have people coexist and form their own little teams. Check out our gallery to learn about these great movies with a competitive twist.