14 Courtney Stodden GIFs To Celebrate The Last Year Of Her Teens

Courtney Ruins Halloween
Courtney Stodden is a little inappropriate at pumpkin patch.
If anyone was made for gifs, it would be teen bride Courtney Stodden.

Between the facial expressions and the ditziness, Courtney Stodden delivers in gif form every time. Today is Courtney Stodden’s 19th birthday (2 more years until she can legally drink!), and she’s given us so many precious moments, we couldn’t let a milestone like this pass us by.

With Courtney entering the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK, we cannot wait for more delicious moments to be made into gifs! Celebrate with Courtney and us, by checking out 14 of the most amazing Courtney Stodden gifs below!

This is how I do sexy.

Wait, let me try that again.

Yep, much better.



Give us a kiss.

Give us a smile.

And whip that hair!

Now show us happy!

Let us see the new boobs!

Yes Courtney, we are.

Lets see the old boobs.

Now what would you look like with a black wig on?

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with us?