13 Horror Films From The 90s to Celebrate This Halloween [Flashback]

Halloween weekend, time to par-TAY!

While getting dressed up as Quailman for your friend’s Halloween bash is totally cool and hip, there is absolutely no shame in spending the entire weekend engrossed in a horror film marathon to truly celebrate this season of pumpkins, candy, masks, and fake blood.

Although there is a slew of new horror films currently playing in theaters: SinisterParanormal Activity 4Silent Hill: Revelation 3D; for those nostalgic type, I have prepared a list of 13 horror films from the 90’s to get you started.

From mutant creatures that lurk beneath, to a friendly clown with balloons, to crazy men with hooks, these movies have a little bit of everything. Launch the gallery and let us know what your favorite 90’s horror film is.