13 Funny Tweets About Kim Kardashian’s Divorce

Oh man!  It’s really over between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, after four hours of television torture, a bucket full of cash and 72 days of marriage.  As we watched Kim walk down the aisle towards the TV camera she’s known and loved for years, we wondered if she noticed her groom standing against the backdrop of a massive bedazzled cross.  Or did his white suit just blend into the background?

What’s done is done, so the next step was to head over to Twitter and read up on some clever responses to the news.  Celebrity reactions are stupid and stink of PR tactics, so it’s best to look to the general public.  What do they care if Kim Kardashian sees their tweet?  Ain’t no shame in their game. Launch the gallery to read some hilarious tweets about Kim and Kris’ breakup!

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Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson figures it’s a good time to tell everyone she’s pregnant.  Get out!  You’re carrying a child?