12 Shirtless Tom Daley GIFs To Celebrate His 20th Birthday

It’s official! Tom Daley is no longer a teenager. Happy 20th birthday!

So earlier today we celebrated the Olympic diver’s birthday by showing you Tom getting a naked rubdown. Now we’ve decided to take it a step further and give you 12 of the best shirtless Tom Daley GIFs to be found on the interwebs.

Because this is what I’ve learned today, shirtless Tom is even better in GIF form. Check it out after the jump–and try not to swoon too hard. 

1. Touch it. 


2. Twist it. 


3. Gaze it.


4. Dance it. 


5. Nap it. 


6. Werk it. 


7. And now, work it. 


8. Adjust it. 


9. Enjoy it. 


10. Rub it. 


11. Twerk it. 


12. Don’t ever put clothes on it.