12 Million People Have Already Viewed T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding Dance [VIDEO]

It’s estimated that 2 billion people will tune in Friday for the royal wedding, but Jezebel reports that 12 million have already watched T-Mobile’s brilliant video featuring the royal family dancing into Westminster Abbey for Kate’s wedding.  I mean William and Kate’s wedding.

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Check out the videos after the jump to get yourself psyched up for the royal wedding on Friday.  In the second one,  OK! Magazine went behind scenes with T-Mobile to watch the viral hit get made.  It’s really quite a trip.  The video was shot in an actual church, with the royal characters bearing the most uncanny resemblance to members of “The Firm,” as Prince Philip so eloquently nicknamed his tribe.  How they were able to secure the world’s best Camilla lookalike is beyond me.  The cell phone company put together the video in anticipation of Friday’s big event to the beat of East 17’s “House Of Love.”

“We all love the royals.  On an occasion like this, we understand how much we actually love our royal family,” said British personality Louie Spence, who choreographed the video.  “And I think they’re a house of love.  I think there’s a lot of love going on in the house now with the wedding.”

We’ll be up bring and early to catch every minute of the royal wedding on Friday, so make sure to stick with us.