12 Highlights Of Jennifer Hudson’s Life [PHOTOS]

Opening Up
Jennifer Hudson on losing her family
Thirty-one years ago today a star by the name of Jennifer Hudson was born! She’s a rare talent, a strong woman, and an all around inspiring person. Her name has been featured in the headlines for both very positive reasons, and extremely unfortunate, heartbreakings reasons. She got her star on American Idol, stunning the judges with her singing abilities. Judge Randy Jackson said, “We’re expecting more than a cruise ship performance from you.” Some might say he was predicting her future and how big of a star she would be. No one probably guessed that he’d be right about her!

She’s best known for her excellent role in the 2006 movie Dreamgirls, as well as the unfortunate tragedy that hit her family in 2008. Hudson’s name was all over various headlines reporting on the death of her mother and brother. When the news of her nephew’s disappearance surfaced, fans prayed and hoped he’d get home safe.

Unfortunately, the boy never did get home safe. Like his uncle and grandmother, he was a gunshot victim and passed away. While in the middle of mourning, Hudson reappeared on the radar, looking stronger than ever. This woman was truly determined to overcome this obstacle.

Now everyone is wondering what is coming next for this brilliant woman? It seems as if the sky really is the limit for her. Many new projects and events are in her future. Good things are coming her way left and right. After suffering such an emotionally draining ordeal, I’m sure everyone can agree that Hudson deserves nothing but good thing.

Check out the gallery to see her career and life evolution. What’s next for Jennifer Hudson?