12 Celebrities We’d Love To Be Best Friends With [PHOTOS]

Could Kat Graham really be engaged?!
All of us have at least on celebrity we’d love to be best friends with. There could be multiple reasons for it. Maybe you admire their generosity, or perhaps they have killer fashion sense. Maybe you want to be their friend just because they’re extremely attractive.

Whatever your reasons are, hopefully you don’t have ulterior motives to be their friend. No one deserves to be used, regardless of their standing on the social pyramid. Celebrities are normal, everyday people with pretty great jobs.

Can you imagine having people screaming your name all the time? Telling you how much they love you even though they really know nothing about you? Perhaps some people thrive off of that, while others find it a little bizarre. They’re really fortunate any many of them know it and try to use their influence for good.

Who would you most like to be besties with, even for a day? For me, it would have to be Lauren Conrad or Torrey Devitto. Both lovely ladies are so intelligent. They seem like people you could talk to for hours and hours and never run out of the things to say. I love Lauren’s fashion sense and I love how involved Torrey is with her hospice volunteering.

Let us know who your dream celebrity BFF is in the comments below! Are they featured in the gallery?