12 Beauty Treats From Stars, Lovely Celebrity Cosmetics Collaborations [PHOTOS]

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Ian Somerhalder and hair products? Sold!

For those who are fanatics of so-and-so celebrity to the extreme, purchasing everything associated with that celebrity is a must. To our utmost excitement, many stars in the limelight jump on the trend of endorsing products or collaborating with companies.

Oh… and do they know us! Celebrity’s faces are showing up in our favorite skincare, makeup, and hair products convincing us that we will look as hot as their photoshopped ads with just the touch of the magic product. If it works, awesome, if it doesn’t then we momentarily curse them then proceed to admire them. 

One of the most popular and successful brands is the notorious must-have, MAC. Tons of us flock stores or jam the website to get our hands on the latest celebrity collaboration. Just recently Hayley Williams partnered with MAC to make a very tangerine collection of makeup. Rihanna has a deliciously packaged and highly anticipated multi-season collection, RiRi,  debuting starting May 4. According to E! Online  the singer’s signature red lips will be the staple of collection with the lipstick RiRi Woo, an inspiration from her go-to Ruby Woo shade.

MAC also has a favorable collection, Viva Glam, which donates all its proceeds to people living with HIV and AIDS. Some collaborations with this line include Lady Gaga, Pamela Anderson, Elton John, RuPaul, Eveand most recently, Nicki Minaj

Similar to MAC, a whole lot of celebrities are doing a whole lot of good with their name and money. It appears that stars are becoming public activists by collaborating with beauty lines to produce eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, no GMO, you name it collections for whatever passion it is they wish to spread. Somerhalder’s collaboration with Josie Maran is what you’d expect from Somerhalder–helping out our cute animal friends. Aww!

Sadly, this move does not work for all. Huffington Post reported that Katy Perry was cut from her contract with ghd because she “wasn’t drawing the kind of sales expected from a celeb endorsement of her caliber.” That’s too bad, it’s almost as embarrassing as Taylor Swift’lousy magazine cover sales.

I don’t know about you but I may or may not own or may or may not own all of these celebrity endorsed products, do you? The world will never know, muhahah! Check out the gallery to see a few collaborations from recent years. Which do you own and which do you want dibs on?