11 Unique And Adorable Celebrity Baby Names [PHOTOS]

Baby India Rose
Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky love their little girl.
Blue Ivy
The new parents take their bundle of joy to Paris.
This gallery of celebrity baby strange names ranges from the old and the new to the endearingly unique and flat out weird. Some names sound like they’re from the far out future, while others seem more suited for times when women wore corsets and men powdered their hair. The kicker? Just about every single name sounds foreign (or actually is?), even if only a little bit.

All I know is most of these kids are going to have it hard in kindergarten. When you give a kid a name more than five letters long that is rather odd compared to their peers, they’re going to have an interesting time learning how to write, and remember, all of their unusual names.

On that note, good luck kids! And good job parents!