11 Playboy Celebrity Cover Photos

What a year it has been for Lindsay Lohan, as things just don’t want go accordingly with her! On Wednesday, the cover of Lohan’s very first Playboy issue was leaked on the internet, just one week shy of its December 15 release.

On the cover, the alluring actress is straddling a chair shaped in the form of the iconic Playboy bunny symbol, wearing nothing but black heels. In hopes of a positive comeback from a recent conviction of court violation and serving only 4 hours in jail, the 25 year-old Mean Girls star bares everything inside the upcoming holiday issue.

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Lohan’s rep claims, “the spread is very tasteful and the interview will let readers see a whole other side of Lindsay.” (Well, don’t you think?) What do you guys think of Lindsay Lohan’s bold move to strip down and pose? Are you at all surprised?

Check out the covers of these other celebs who have previously posed in the world’s most admirable men’s magazine. Whose got the best?