11 Mugshots Of Celebrities If They Were 1920’s Gangsters [PHOTOS]

2011 Celeb Mugshots
Who got busted last year?
Have you ever wondered what Khloe Kardashian’s mugshot would have looked like if she had been around and arrested in the 1920’s?

Well, artist Michael Jason Enriquez has melded a series of celebrity mugshots with snaps of 1920s crooks to create an eerily fascinating rogues’ gallery.

So how did he do it?

He created the celebrities’ 1920 doppelgangers by combining vintage photographs of criminals from a century ago with snaps of modern stars.

Included in the ‘Mugshot Doppelganger’ gallery is Robert Downey Jr’s mugshot from his 2000 arrest from drug possession and one of Lindsay Lohan’s many mugshots.

Check them out by launching the gallery.