10 Ways Girls Convince Themselves To Skip The Gym

January 18th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
Working On My Fitness
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I set my alarm for an early-morning gym date.  99% of the time I hit “Hell No” on the clock and hold back a tear at the thought of spin class.

I tell myself, “You’ll do it tonight.  You’ll have time to get you fitness on, then you’ll come home and reward yourself with wine.”

What actually happens: Work makes me cranky-pants, and by five pm I’m charging towards anyone with Baked Cheetos in their hand.

The gym never happens.  If it does, what an accomplishment it feels like.  If it doesn’t (which is more often than not), then I chuck it up to the following: Late night at work (late night being 6:30), low blood sugar and therefore am too weak to work a machine, or “me time.”

Please indulge me and leave your best gym excuses in our comments section.  If you’re a gym bunny, you can just keep on keepin’ on (I’m silently judging you for being so perky).

By Kelly Lynch

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