10 Things I Took Away From Last Night’s ‘Real Housewives Of New York City’

Once upon a time on The Real Housewives Of New York City, I wrote Ramona Singer off as quirky.  Kelly Bensimon was the crazy one, talking about “Free To Be You And Me 1979″ and going off the rails in St. Bart’s.

After last night’s episode, I have completely changed my tune.  Singer is insane in the truest sense of the word.  She’s a champ at talking behind everyone’s back, but don’t you dare say anything about her, ’cause she and her crazy eyes will come at you.

Here are the ten things that stayed with me following last night’s episode:

1) Ramona has gone from bad to worse, and last night sealed her fate as an irrational one-way street.  She is setting Heather Thomson up to fail.  “Hollah” doesn’t have a chance in hell of surviving the rest of this season.

2) Why keep bringing up the Ramona Pinot Grigio trick Luann de Lesseps and Jacques pulled at their wine-tasting event, Aviva Drescher?  Look what you’ve done-Now everyone’s fighting about alleged fake accents and crazy wives.  Good one.

3) Carole Radziwill showed everyone at the White Elephant party she’s that much cooler than they are by letting a lizard (purchased by Reid) crawl all over her frame.

4) Let’s show George Teichner the door, hmm?  I prefer my old men to be a bit more subtle in their courting with fewer mentions of “c*ck rings.” 

5) Ramona and Sonja belong together.  Never have I seen two bigger nitwits on television than these two.  Even Snookie and Deena are less frustrating to watch.  Heather and James made the right decision to shoot Sonja’s toaster over campaign on a closed set, and Heather doesn’t owe Ramona a text, let alone a phone call as to why she kept her away from the shoot.  HEATHER IS DOING THIS FOR FREE.

6) When the food stylist burst out laughing at Sonja.  That was the best part of the season thus far.

7) Sonja loves to look a gift horse in the mouth, and what a snob she is.  Should we talk about that musical act you booked to perform at Aviva and Reid’s anniversary party, Son?  Methinks someone is a bit too big for her britches.*

7a) Who else didn’t need to hear about Sonja’s old eggs and what kind of a crime scene she could create with Aviva’s leg?

8) Is there some way we can edit out Heather’s “Hollah!” in the opener?  It’s starting to chap my ass.

9) Ramona is so far gone that she doesn’t even wait for someone to exit the vicinity before tearing into them.  Then, in under a minute, she insults Jacques’s French accent (it’s fake, according to her), as well as LuAnn’s poor business skills and inability to take care of herself post-divorce.

10) Let’s be serious: That J’Adore magazine cover of Ramona was dug out of her shoebox full of yesteryear’s photos.  No way that’s present-day Ramona.  If it is, bitch better buy stock in Photoshop.

A great point Heather made in her Bravo Blog:

Ramona hears only what works for her then flees the conversation before anyone has a chance to finish a story and perhaps prove her wrong.

Preach it, sister!

*I do, however, love Sonja’s headbands.