10 Royals Who Won’t Rule Great Britain [PHOTOS]

Everyone, both in the Queen’s commonwealth and abroad, is thrilled about the new law allowing the firstborn daughter of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to ascend the throne.  This is a huge fete for females everywhere, and though this new change doesn’t apply to her, we’re sure Princess Anne, The Princess Royal is thrilled that a male won’t leapfrog his older sister to take the throne.

With that said, we’ve featured ten royals who won’t be sitting on St. Edward’s Chair come coronation day due to their place in line, unless there is some freak accident that wipes out Prince Charles, Prince William, his (unborn) kids and Prince Harry.  Though Prince Andrew, Duke of York is fourth in line to the throne, he’ll be promptly bumped down even further once William and Kate start having children.

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Sooooooo, these royals – The Princess Royal, The Duke of York, Prince Edward, Lady Louise Windsor, Viscount Severn, Peter Phillips, Zara Phillips, Savannah Phillips, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice – can enjoy the perks of being a descendent of Elizabeth II (or “gran/granny,” as they affectionately call their grandmother) without the responsibility of ruling the commonwealth.