10 Reasons Why Season 5 Of ‘Modern Family’ Will Be Awesome, In GIFS!

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Just in case you’re not excited for the season 5 premiere of Modern Family tonight, I just have one question for you: why?!?!

Do you not like funny things? Happy things? Awesome things? Oh wait, you are excited? Well, then allow us to help you get even more stoked! We’re listing off 10 reasons why season 5 of Modern Family is going to be awesome, in GIFS! Yay! Check out our list after the jump and tell us why you think it’s awesome in the comments. 

1. Over-dramatic Cam is back. 


2. Sofia Vergara is super glamorous, but does stuff like this on TV. 


3. We’re also gonna watch her abuse Jay, which is always fun. 


4. There will be more middle child syndrome issues. 


5. Because nothing is funnier than a small child cursing. It’s true. 


6. Bad–but funny– things are probably gonna happen to Phil. 


7. In fact, bad but funny things will probably be happening to everyone. 


8. Because this is how I still feel whenever my siblings and I fight. 


9. Do you know why Modern Family is awesome? Because Cam does stuff like this!!!


10. And finally, it’s going to be awesome because at the end of season 5 we’re just gonna need more.