10 Reasons Why Duchess Kate Made Vanity Fair’s “Best Dressed” List

She’s done it again, folks.

Making her official debut onto the royal stage last fall, Catherine has consistently taken our breath away with each public engagement she’s appeared at.  Whether it be at the ARK dinner, where the Duchess of Cambridge sparkled in a Jenny Packham gown, or at her engagement announcement at Clarence House November 16th, where a then Kate Middleton looked exceptionally regal in a blue Issa wrap dress (to match that dazzler on her ring finger), Catherine is part of Vanity Fair’s 2011 International Best Dressed List.  This is the second time HRH has made the cut; Back in 2008, the mag was just as smitten with the future Queen Consort.  So why do we love Kate The Great so much?  We thought of a few reasons (more having to do with her than her wardrobe)…

1) Catherine’s a class-act Back when she and William split in 2007, Catherine was offered as much as $1 million to “tell all” regarding her relationship with the future King.  Nope, not going to happen.  Even when Ralph Lauren asked her to be their fashion ambassador, the Duchess turned it down since she feared it would draw unwanted press-something she worked very hard to avoid.

2) Catherine hasn’t done anything to humiliate herself, her family or her future in-laws Take note, you ladies.  Reese Witherspoon said that girl doesn’t need to make a sex tape to rise up in this world, and she was right.  Get yourself an education, respect yourself and be your own person.  Keep an eye on the prize and your hands off the bottle.

3) She wears an outfit more than once We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We love that the Duchess wears her outfits more than once.  Catherine’s made it clear to friends that she doesn’t see herself as a model, so what is the point of being a clothes horse?  She’s a sensible British girl with an eye on the current economic climate.

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4) She’s normal (no snot face here) and has manners After attending a game at Wimbledon back in July 2008, she wrote a thank-you note to the All England Club for their hospitality.   A girl after my own stationary-loving heart.

5) She’s clever When William sent Kate’s ass packing back in 2007, did it look like she sat in her Chelsea flat crying into a pint of ice cream?  Hells to the no!  The Duchess took this opportunity to put on sparkly outfits and be photographed leaving some of London’s hottest nightclubs with members of the “glosse posse.”  William took note, and begged her to take him back in July.

6) She’s confident Sure, Kate may have her self-doubts every now and then, but rare were the moments we’ve seen the Duchess without a smile on her face in the past nine years.  Something tells us she didn’t mind the attention all that much.  Hey, who could blame her?  Of course, credit must be given to mom Carole for instilling such confidence in both her daughters.

7) She really, truly loves her husband Newsweek quoted an insider as saying “(Kate’s) attitude is more like ‘William’s my man.’ There’s this incredible possessiveness, and she was damned if she was going to lose him to another girl who loved him less than she does.”  Hey, more power to her.  She’s friggin’ royalty now, and we’re the sad sacks writing/reading about it.

8) She was the picture of perfection on her wedding day Every girl, from age 4 to 104 was enthralled by Catherine’s poise on April 29th, 2011.  From the moment she waved from the Rolls Royce, Catherine knew the world was watching and cheering her on, so she made sure to wave to the well-wishers until she disappeared into Westminster Abbey.  She must have been nervous (with 2 billion people tuning in), but the Duchess didn’t let it show as she exchanged vows with William.  Though we don’t have any connection to Catherine other than what we read in the papers and online, we were so proud of her that day.

9) She’s someone the girls can look up to We are so inundated with crappy celebrities doing stupid things over and over again, and poor examples of leadership, that it’s refreshing to admire someone so normal.  Catherine is sweet, beautiful, educated, smart, and aware that many young girls want to be her.  Hell, I want to be her.

10) Her life became a fairy tale Catherine and William’s wedding was a happy occasion not just for them, but for everyone watching.  I recall feeling nothing but joy for a couple I’ve followed through books and news updates, and it was plain to see that others share my sentiment.  Here was a gal who came from a solid middle-class background and happened to meet a boy who fancied her (“Kate’s Hot,” I believe were the words that started this whole thing) at university.  William’s mother did a damn fine job of raising him, which is why his and Catherine’s love story is so beautiful to watch.  We’re not captivated by much these days, but there’s something about Catherine that makes us believe in magic again.

Other gals who made Vanity Fair’s 2011 International Best-Dressed List are Michelle Obama, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Carey Mulligan and Tilda Swinton.