10 Reasons Why Andrew Garfield Is Awesome, In GIFS!

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Andrew's Bulge
Andrew Garfield Ellen
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Andrew Garfield

You guys will never believe it, but today is Andrew Garfield’s 30th birthday. I know! The guys looks barely a day over 21. But somehow he’s 30.

In celebration of Andrew, we thought we’d up the ante on our 10 reasons post and go with GIFS! Because everything is better in GIFs, especially if it’s Andrew Garfield. Check out the 10 reasons we think Andrew is so awesome after the jump! 

1. Because he knows how to get into your soul with a just look. 


2. Because he can be awkward and adorable at the same time. 


3. Because he has a laugh that could launch a thousand ships. 


4. Because even Andrew is modest when it comes to how awesome he is. 


5. Because this is how hot he looks eating food. 


6. And because this is how freaking hot he looks enjoying a beer. I can’t even with this right now. 


7. Because he might be 30, but he still has a boyish charm and good looks. 


8. Because few people look as good with their coat collar popped like that. 


9. Because he played an artist’s model in a BBC art special and he wore this outfit and looked totally over it. 


10. Because he loves us. And we love him. 

By Sabba Rahbar

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