10 Oscar Nominees Who Deserve A Win [PHOTOS]

GR | February 22, 2013 - 6:00 am

2012 Academy Awards
Octavia Spencer shines at the award show.
And the winner is…

Anxiety sets in the moment the nominees are called on the stage. You’re either nervous because you are a die-hard fan of a nominee or have placed a hefty bet on predicting category winners. (No, we do not condone illegal gambling but if you accidentally placed a bet on Daniel Day-Lewis winning for Actor in Leading Role, we forgive you.)

For months film critics have been going bananas prepping for the Oscars and debating on who should win what and who doesn’t deserve what and so forth.

So I took it upon myself to make my own gallery to show who I think should take a trophy home–without the snobbery.

I’m not sorry that I chose Anna Karenina for Costume Design even if she steered away from authenticity. Jacqueline Durran  did a fabulous job with her own interpretation of the beloved Russian novel.

Nor am I sorry that I think Jennifer Lawrence should swipe the win from some other leading ladies for Actress in Leading Role.

Let’s hope all the nominees and the rest of us are as well prepared for the Oscar’s as makeup artist Angela Levin! And what better way to celebrate post hysteria than to head to the nearest movie theater to watch the winning films.

Who are your picks for the 85th Academy Awards?