10 Of The Greatest Quotes From ‘Friends’ [PHOTOS]

Matt Leblanc
The Golden Globe winner got tipsy at Bungalow 8.
90s Heartthrobs
Andrew Keagan, Erik von Detton and more 90s crushes
From quirky and unique names and hangouts in Central Perk, to beginning-to-end hilarious 30-minute episodes, Friends will continue to stay in the hearts of many who grew up around the show.

Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, Ross, Chandler and Monica (Oh, and Janice and Gunther!) were not only the best of friends (that maybe some of us wanted to be friends with ourselves), but they also provided us with countless knee slappers. Their silly antics, dramatic relationships and unforgettable one-liners are more than enough to make Friends a show worth remembering.

Take a look at the gallery to get your daily dose of laughter while you read 10 of the greatest quotes from Friends! (And watch the best of Janice in the video below.)