10 Of Ed Sheeran’s Stunning Songs [PHOTOS]

Give Me Love
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Looking for a Rupert Grint or Prince Harry look-alike? Look no further! British singer, Ed Sheeran is the closest you’ll probably get. In fact, he looks like a combination of the two!

If I didn’t know any better, I would probably think they were somehow related. Has anyone checked the ancestry of Sheeran or Grint to see if they’re somehow royal? Someone should check into that!

He’s one of my absolute favorite singers right now. His songs always have some sort of meaning. It never feels like you’re listening to nonsense. When you first listen to his music, you really want to just focus on the songs so you’re able to comprehend the messages he’s trying to convey.

“The A Team” was the headlining song, even though many American fans knew “Give Me Love” before that one hit. Haven’t heard the extremely popular single “The A Team” yet? Check it out after the jump! 

You’re probably wondering what’s so special about this song. The story behind it is actually really interesting. Ed said he went to a shelter where he met various people and listened to their stories. One prostitute in particular had a story that really moved him. She was the inspiration for this song that has turned out to be quite the hit!

His song “Give Me Love” was featured in a Victoria’s Secret commercial. Learning that probably makes you wonder just what kind of song that is. I assure you, regardless of what you may be thinking, it’s beautiful, especially when performed live.

Most recently, he was featured on Taylor Swift’s newest album, Red. It’s nice to see him collaborating with such a well-known American artist since many of his fans are from England. His album, “+” was what debuted in the United States a few months ago.

Did the song with Swift make it to the top ten? Launch our gallery to find out!