10 Of Easter Sunday’s Jazziest Outfits [PHOTOS]

Suri Cruise Goes Glam
Suri wears just hint of lipstick and makeup.
From the time I was a whipper snapper, mom used to dress me up in my Easter finest.  It was all about pastels, dainty patterns and (almost) looking like a Easter egg.  Things haven’t changed much, with many celebrities (and a few royals) taking their outfits very seriously.

I was quite pleased to see Mason Disick sporting pastels, but was very confused by Skyler Berman’s cowboy outfit at an Easter party.  Spanish Princesses Sophia and Leonor might have scooped the Best Dressed title with their paisley print dresses and matching cropped cardigans, while Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth stood above the rest in her lilac finest.

Though we didn’t get a full view of Haven Warren’s dress, the bunny ears were enough to secure her an Easter victory.

Well done, everyone!