10 Men Selena Gomez Should Rebound With [PHOTOS]

Justin Bieber Speaks Out
The teen idol talks about his recent break-up.
Well kids, now that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are no more, it’s time for Selena to start looking for a new guy to rebound with. The rebound relationship is always fun. A nice stepping stone away from what you had, maybe a chance to try something different, find out what you like–it’s pretty good.

Now that Justin has seemed to move on as well, he’s been spotted around town with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, we here at SOCIALITE LIFE think it’s time that Selena does the same.

Launch the gallery to check out the 10 guys we think Selena should rebound with. Some of them are more obvious choices, while some of them might surprise you. But we think that each guy has something good to offer. Tell us who you think would be the best rebound man in the comments!