10 Men Britney Spears Should Rebound With [PHOTOS]

Britney's Crazy Faces
Britney Spears is a fan of making bizarre faces.
Well friends, looks like Britney Spears’ engagement to Jason Trawick just didn’t work out like we all thought it would. It’s a sad day when a celebrity you’ve been rooting for from the beginning releases bad news.

However, if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Britney over the years, it’s that she is the true definition of a trooper. That girl is going to make it work forever and always, and we’re here to help her out! So we think the best thing for us to do is make Ms. Spears a list of 10 guys she should enjoy a nice rebound relationship with.

Please keep in mind that this is indeed a fantasy list. Some of the men are married, others engaged, a few partnered off–but no matter! We still think all 10 would be great with Britney. Launch the gallery to check out our picks! Who do you think she should rebound with? Let us know in the comments!