10 Ladies Who Could Be The Next Mrs. Tom Cruise [PHOTOS]

Benefits Of Divorce
What exactly did Katie Holmes get in her divorce settlement?
Steamy Scenes
Malin Akerman discusses what it was like kissing Tom Cruise.
After the very enthusiastic outburst Tom Cruise had on Oprah in 2005 about how much he loved Katie Holmes, I don’t think anyone expected them to divorce. Since they got married there were rumors of a split. The other constant rumor was that Katie was pregnant with another child. Years later, there were no other children, and there really was a divorce.

Back in 2004 the actress said that she used to believe she was going to marry Tom. Her dream to marry him came true just two years later! What happened to their relationship? Did the allure wear off after several years of marriage and a child? The world may never know.

We can’t dwell on the past, so instead it makes sense to try to find him his fourth wife. Most people say “third time’s the charm”, but maybe Tom needs a fourth wife in order to succeed. Quite a few lovely ladies would make a great wife for him! My personal favorite choice for him is Betty White. I’d love to play matchmaker for them!