10 Ladies Who Could Be Justin Bieber’s ‘One Love’ [PHOTOS]

Sexy Ladies
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Oh, the woes of young love. Poor Justin Bieber is trying to mend his broken heart. Sometimes we all need someone to help us out in the difficult time.

I’m sure he’s wiping those tears away with his hundred dollar bills or his designer handkerchief.

Maybe what the singer needs is a pretty lady on his arm to console him.

The stunning Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Palvin has squashed any and all rumors that they could possibly be together.

So even though they’d be ridiculously cute, who else should be with? First of all, who would you most like to see Justin with? Would you like to see him reconcile with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez?

Perhaps we should really be taking bets on how long they’ll be apart before they get back together. Something tells me those two sweethearts won’t be able to stay away from each other long.  On again, off again couples are more frequent in Hollywood than they probably should be, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the two got back together.

Check out the gallery of women we’ve come up with for the Biebs to date! Do you agree with any? Let  us know in the comments below!