10 Ladies Ryan Seacrest Should Rebound With [PHOTOS]

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In Hollywood, relationships can be tricky to navigate. And sadly, not all of them head in the right direction.

We learned that when news broke that Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough have decided to call it quits after more than 2 years together. It’s rough having something so special end, but luckily for Ryan and Julianne, moving on in Hollywood isn’t too difficult.

In fact! It’s so easy, that we figured we’d help Ryan get a jump start on his rebound relationship. The rebound is a very important part of the grieving process. So, who’ve we got picked out for Ryan? 

Well, we’ve gone through the ranks of our favorite celebrities and picked the 10 best ladies for him! Please note that this is a fantasy list. Some of these folks might already be in a relationship, not interested, or on this list to make someone giggle. But it’s fun just the same!

Launch the gallery to check out the 10 ladies we think Ryan should rebound with! What do you think of our picks? Who would you suggest for the heartbroken celebrity? Let us know in the comments!