Happy Birthday Nick Jonas! 10 Great Quotes From Nick [PHOTOS]

What Not To Wear
Even Jonas Brothers break fashion rules.
Batter Up!
Who knew a man in uniform could look so good?
After reading a few Nick Jonas quotes, I can understand why his nickname is Mr. President.

I’m not saying he is the best public speaker, but the love he receives from fans makes sense to me now. Nick is the third of four brothers and is always referred to as the baby of the family. Frankie Jonas is the youngest. Even at the age of twenty, (his birthday is today), Nick has a baby face. That’s something that probably won’t ever disappear, which could work in his favor. People with baby faces usually get better treatement.

“Year 3000″ is the Jonas Brothers song that led to their fame. It premiered on Disney Channel in 2006 and since then, fans can’t get enough of the trio. Their most popular songs are, “Burnin’ Up,” “Lovebug,” and “When You Look Me In The Eyes”. In 2008, the band went on a tour, which was named “When You Look Me In The Eyes”. Four months later, the “Burnin’ Up” tour kicked off in Toronto.

Jonas recently guest starred on NBC’s show, Smash. He sang the song “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble. The song wasn’t ever one I liked, but after hearing him sing it, I think my opinion of it has changed a little bit. Catch him, along with his brothers the rest of his family on their show, Married to Jonas!