10 Favorite Songs By Florence + The Machine [PHOTOS]

Florence Welch is proof that eccentricity can work in someone’s favor. People may criticize her due to her abnormal fashion choices, but there is nothing abnormal about her phenomenal music. The songs have been featured in so many places, including popular television shows and movies.

Remember the song that was practically the theme song of Snow White and the Huntsman? You guessed it, it was by Florence + The Machine. What about the song that played during The Vampire Diaries during Damon and Elena’s epic kiss in the nineteenth episode of the season? Again, one of her songs.

Whenever I log on iTunes, I can’t help but check to see if she has any new songs for me to add into my library. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any in a while, but I like to believe there will be some coming by way soon!

Check out our gallery and let us know which songs are your favorites in the comments below!