10 Cutest Celebrity Couples [PHOTOS]

Together Forever?
What couple has lasted the longest?
Surprising Couples!
Do you think these shockers are really stunners?
Couples that get the most attention are usually the ones that are involved in some sort of break-up. It’s rare that ongoing relationships get attention. We should applaud them for being able to withstand all of the obstacles that could potentially mess up what they’ve worked so hard to maintain.

Some of my favorite couples, including Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson as well as Ryan Gosling and Rachael McAdams have split up, so they weren’t included on the list. My current favorite couple would have to be Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. They’re featured in the gallery. They’re by far one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen.

Which celebrity couples are your favorite? Are they still together? What makes you like them so much? Share your favorites with us in the comments!