10 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

May 3rd, 2011 // 6 Comments

Extreme exercise. Cabbage soup. Baby food. Who needs diet and cardio when you can lose weight the crazy way?

We already told you about 10 celebs who slimmed down the old fashioned way. So this time, we found 10 celebs who used crazy diets to drop the pounds.

Launch the gallery to check out 10 celebrity weight loss secrets. Would you try any of these? Sound off in the comments!

By Alexandra Finkel

  1. Celebrities red carpet weight loss secrets
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    I love baby food! Especially Banana. Now that I know you can loose wait, that will be all im eating. haha

  2. jack

    Dieting is one of the most popular solutions to losing weight but it is important to take note that that eliminating essential food groups in your diet is not healthy at all.

  3. Celebrities red carpet weight loss secrets
    Dana Eden
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    sweet potatoes for 3 days straight may help you to lose weight (simply due to the reduction in total calorie intake) in the short term but long term you are just damaging your metabolism and going to find it harder to lose weight. Silly, silly silly


  4. Sarita Rana

    Losing weight quickly by dieting is not a good idea. You end up losing too much weight in a short period of time. But it may bring lots of problem in long term.. DO YOGA regularly….for good health, good body and peace of mind.

  5. Abhishek Kadu

    Losing weight is not really easy. you have to be completely focused and do extreme and regular workout to lose weight.. Also, one shouldn’t take regular breaks while doing exercise. Losing weight can be real fun if there is a good combination of regular exercising and a supporting diet.

  6. Celebrities red carpet weight loss secrets
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    a friend of mine said she did this too.

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