10 Celebrities Who Love Jimmy Choo Featuring Nina Dobrev, Jennifer Lopez, And More! [PHOTOS]

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Check out Nina Dobrev's style evolution!
Whenever a celebrity graces the red carpet, one of the first questions they get asked is, “who are you wearing”? Quite a few wear Jimmy Choo shoes, or even one of the accessories of the line.

Nina Dobrev and Jennifer Lopez are frequent wearers of the line. Some events Dobrev can be seen wearing the popular brand are the iHeart Radio Music Festival and Teen Choice Awards.

She also wore a gorgeous, unique pair during the 2012 Vampire Diaries Paleyfest Panel.

Lopez wears her shoes while running errands out and about and during formal events. Out of the two mentioned stars, she is the one who can be seen wearing more eccentric pairs. During iHeart Radio, she wore hot pink “Kiln” shoes.

Another Vampire Diaries star as well as other stunning actresses can be seen flaunting their gorgeous shoes. Who wouldn’t want to show off when they’re wearing those little treasures on their feet?

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