10 Celebrity Couples Who Robbed The Cradle [PHOTOS]

Couples Dressing Alike
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in NYC.
10 Surprising Celeb Couples
Did you see it coming? Because we sure didn't!
Isn’t age just a number?

That is for you to decide. We have couples in this gallery that are over 30 years apart! Another couple married when he was 51 and she just 16. (Yes, that means he is over half a century old and she just qualified for a drivers license…) Does that make sense? No. But true love endures, at least that’s what we would like to think.

Some can pull off the age difference with confidence and ease (ahem, playboy George Clooney), while others ooze trashiness and the air of deceit (Courtney Stodden?). Nonetheless, only time will tell if these couples will survive the trials and tribulations that accompany long term relationships and marriage. And just a heads up, many already have, and hopefully more will!

Check out the gallery to get the inside scoop on which attractive celebs are robbing the cradle.

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