Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Ashton Kutcher & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For August 28, 2015

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12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling
He had some killer moves! Watch »

So many photos, so little time.

Ryan Gosling was rocking one very sexy all black look on the set of La La Land. I need more Gosling in my life.

Emma Stone, Ryan’s La La Land co-star, was spotted grabbing some Starbuck today. I need more of her, too.  Read More »

Shirtless Man Friday Is Another Gift, Jessica Lange Is Back On ‘American Horror Story’: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Shirtless Man Friday

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

— We’re Giving Again, This Time With Shirtless Man Friday [The Berry]

— Confirmed: Jessica Lange Will Appear On American Horror Story: Hotel [PITNB]

Pope Francis Praises Italian Children’s Book Featuring Gay Penguins [Towleroad]

— This Mother and Daughter Are All About Plastic Surgery…STOP! [omgblog]

— Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Adele‘s New Album [ICYDK]

— Do You Wanna Stare At the World’s Hottest Prince, Carl-Philip of Sweden? [Celebitchy]

Watch And Enjoy As Darren Criss And Aaron Tveit Give Us Their Rendition ‘Take Me Or Leave Me’ From Rent

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Darren Criss and Aaron Tveit Elise Fest Take Me or Leave Me

Was there some kind of memo sent out today saying hot dudes have to do adorable things together?

First we had Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton exchanging Harry Potter insults, and now we have Darren Criss and Aaron Tveit singing Rent. All in all you guys, this feel like a pretty good day.

Darren and Aaron (hah, it rhymes) got together for a little Skype session to help promote Elsie Fest, which is basically a Coachella for musical theatre, aka, the only music festival I want to go to right now.  Read More »

Just Because: David Beckham Looking Cute Is Going To Bring You Some Friday Joy

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You know what Fridays are good for? Staring at hot dudes.

And are there any dudes hotter than our favorite DILF, David Beckham? (Okay, he’s one of our favorite DILFs, cause don’t forget Matt Bomer is a dad.)

David kept it casual today as he arrived in Los Angeles, sporting sunglasses and too many layers for the boiling LA weather. It’s true you guys, people just look so much hotter with sunglasses on. But to be fair, David looks hot with whatever on. Read More »

Matthew Lewis And Tom Felton Are Hurling ‘Harry Potter’ Insults At Each Other–And It’s J.K. Rowling Approved

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Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton Harry Potter Twitter Gryffindor Slytherin
Neville's Ice Bucket Challenge
Matthew Lewis Shirtless
Bless Matthew Lewis for doing it shirtless! Read More »

No matter how many years pass, Harry Potter‘s books, movies and stars are still a major part of our lives.

And it’s only gotten better since most of our favorites have popped onto Twitter where they regularly have very entertaining conversations with each other–most of them involving creator J.K. Rowling.

The latest hilarity comes to us from Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton, aka Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy. I love them so.  Read More »

And Now We Bring You Shirtless Derek Hough Doing The Nae Nae To Celebrate ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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Shirtless Derek Hough Whip Nae Nae Dancing With The Stars
Check out them abs

One never says no to shirtless Derek Hough, am I right?

Even if I am super over that whole “Whip/Nae Nae” thing. It was cute when One Direction did it, but now I’m like, eh. Clearly the people of Dancing With The Stars knew the best way to get me interested again is to have shirtless Derek dancing to it.

He really is a very talented guy–with quite an excellent six pack. Never forget that time he posted a naked photo of himself on Instagram. That was fun.  Read More »

Michael Fassbender Is Dark And Foreboding In Our First Look At His ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Character

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Michael Fassbender in 'Assassin's Creed' Callum Lynch

And he kind of looks like a video game character.

Yahoo! Movies gave us our first look at Michael Fassbender‘s character in the big screen adaptation of the popular Assassin’s Creed video game franchise. According to them, and IMDb, Michael stars at Callum Lynch, a character created for the movies who “discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society through unlocked genetic memories that allow him to relive the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain.”

Hence that costume, I assume.  Read More »

LISTEN: Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean?’ Is Here And He Genuinely Wants To Know, ‘What Do You Mean?’

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Justin Bieber 'What Do You Mean?'
Can someone please tell just what they mean

Listen to those lyrics. They are the lyrics of a very confused young man. Which Justin Bieber probably is.

After a month of bombarding Instagram, Twitter–pretty much any social media he could get his hands on with a “What Do You Mean?” countdown, the song is finally here. And I don’t hate it…?

It makes me want to nod my head while drinking some sort of fruity, alcoholic beverage. Although I will say, some of the lyrics are pretty ridiculous.  Read More »